Adonis Constitution



                     RULES AND REGULATIONS



The Club shall be known as ‘’Adonis International Club of Nigeria’’ herein after referred to as “The Club”.



The Motto of the Club shall be “The Pace Setter” while the response shall be the “The Peace Maker”



The headquarter of the Club shall be in Ibadan, Nigeria.

The Official Address shall be P.O. Box 1116, Agodi Post Office Ibadan,

The e-mail address shall be , and

The Club’s website is



  1. We Members of Adonis International Club of Nigeria having firmly and solemnly resolved to live in unity and harmony as one indivisible Club under Almighty God who brought us together to be Pacesetters, do hereby make for ourselves a Constitution for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the smooth running of the Club on the principle of Equality, Egalitarianism, Freedom and Social Justice with the aim promoting unity and peace among our Members.
  2. The provision of the constitution shall be Supreme above any other Act of Executive or any Officer/Member of the Club which is inconsistent with the express provision of this Constitution shall be regarded as null and void to the extent of its inconsistencies and shall be of no effect whatsoever.




  1. To help Members Academically, Economically, Socially and Financially in achieving his goals in life.
  2. To maintain peace and social justice among Members.
  3. To establish and foster unity among Members.
  4. To help the needy among Members and Worldwide.
  5. Enhance ethical and moral standard of Members.
  6. To promote friendly relation and exchange of ideas with other Social Clubs Worldwide.
  7. To arrange conferences, lectures symposia and retreat among Members and other Clubs with the aim of acquiring knowledge and useful information connected with the upliftment of the standard of living of our Club Members, and the World at large.



  1. This is our time, the Pacesetters,

In the name of our God who brought us together and

on whom we trust to strife hard for the progress of our race with love, strength and faith.

O God of love, King of Peace,  give us love, give us peace.

  1. Deliver us from every touch of ill, give us the wisdom to tackle this task of loving service. Bind us together with your over-shadowing love so that we have mind full of peace.

O Lord of love, King of peace, give us love. Give us peace.



I pledge to Adonis International Club of which I am a Member.

To do all that lay in my power for the maintenance of peace and

social justice,

To Contribute to the honour and progress of the Club and

To see to the upliftment of standard of living of my dear people.

All in God’s name, Amen.




  1. Membership shall be open to all humble and normally affable adult who possesses the following attributes:-
  2. A Member should be reliable, responsible, decent and rectitude.
  3. Member must be male.
  4. A Member must possess at least a Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent to be eligible.
  5. No person shall be deprived of Membership of the Club on grounds of religion, political belief or ethnic origin.
  6. A Member must be at least 30 years of age or according to the age of maturity as might be specified by the Constitution of each country.
  7. A prospective Member must be economically and self-reliant.
  8. Honorary Membership: It may be conferred on any Distinguished Person by the Executive Members subject to the approval of the General Meeting.
  9. Life Membership: It may be conferred on any person judged by His past and/or present activities to be of good integrity to the entire Community, State and Nation or Globally subject to the approval of the General meeting.



  1. Every willing Member must obtain Registration Form from the Club Secretariat which shall be sold at the rate of N2,500.00 or the prevailing rate.
  2. Interview shall be conducted for any willing Member.
  • A new Member will be under probation by attending meetings for 3 consecutive months before his Membership can be confirmed.
  1. A new Member must submit two passport photographs endorsed by any financial Member of the Club or his sponsor.
  2. The Club Executive has the power to register or turn down any registration when deemed fit.
  3. Prospective Member must possess the qualification as provided in Article 8 (i) – (v) and each Member shall upon registration be entitled to a copy of the Constitution and the amendment there to on payment of the sum of N25,000.00 Membership fee.



  1. The Club Executive council shall be empowered to appoint subject to the approval of the House, Patrons/Matrons of the Club, enlightened personalities known to be Men/Woman of integrity who must have contributed positively and immensely to the socio-economic development of mankind in the Country, Members of the Community or the Club.
  2. Life Patronship:- This shall be conferred on anybody dead or alive who has contributed all his life in one way or the other to the happiness of his Country Men and Women.



Section 1: General

  1. There should not at any time be an exchange of word among Members that can result into physical combat during Club Meeting and outside the Club, anybody found guilty shall be liable to suspension or expulsion from the Club.
  2. Every Member must be up to date financially.
  3. The Club shall decide on persistent late comer(s) after three 3 warnings
  4. No side talking of any kind during meetings.
  5. No Member should absent himself from any Meeting without prior knowledge of the Club; anybody found guilty of this offence shall be made to pay N500.00 fine or as may be decided by the General Meeting from time to time.
  6. No Member should write more than Two (2) apology letters of absence in a year.
  7. Physical appearance is compulsory and important both in General, Extra Ordinary, Emergency, Committee Meetings and at any Social outings.
  8. Smoking is prohibited during Meeting and at any Club functions.
  9. No Member should misappropriate Clubs fund in any way. Any case of fraud or stealing shall if found guilty be liable to prosecution and dismissal from the Club.


Section 2: PENALTIES

  1. Lateness attract fine of N100.00
  2. Absenteeism without notice from Club Meetings and Social outings attract N500.00 fine while the notice is expected at least 24 hours before the commencement of the meeting except there is an emergency case.
  3. Any Member who absents himself for 3 consecutive Meetings with or without notice shall have his Membership of the Club forfeited automatically without reference to Article 15 of the constitution.
  4. Members’ who withdrawals from Club forfeit his contributions except Cooperative and investments.
  5. Dismissed Members forfeits all of his contribution and entitlements.
  6. Leaving meeting without permission attracts a fine of N200.00
  7. Misconduct at any meeting shall attract a fine of N500.00
  8. Sanctions and fines may be reviewed as may be decided from time to time by the General Meeting.








  1. World Headquarter: The Club shall have branches in any Country of the World and Ibadan, Nigeria shall be the Headquarters, and it shall be headed by President of the Club who must be nominated by at least two National President at the Club World Congress.
  2. Function: The headquarters shall confirm the registration of the National branch.
  3. It shall have Annual Report of every National Branch with the performance of the State in brief annually.
  4. Any Branch Registration may be cancelled if found guilty of any breach of the conditions under which it was registered.
  5. The Headquarters must be informed of any development within the Club at the National, Regional or State and Local Branches.
  6. Scheduled visit may be made to the National, Regional or State and Local Branches of the Club by the Headquarters to check on their activities.
  7. The headquarters shall have the power to employ his Administrative Staff outside the Club Members.
  8. The World President and the Executive Secretary of the Club shall head the Administrative Staff of the Club, provided such staff shall not be Member of the Club.



There shall be a National Branch of the Club throughout the whole World; the National President shall be the head with his elected Ministers/Officers


  1. The National branch shall confirm the registration of the State

or Regional Branches.

  1. It shall also have returns remitted to the Headquarters

annually provided always that such return shall be 20% of the

accumulated fund each year and also such returns shall be

paid at the succeeding year.

iii.   The National branch shall keep records of Regional and State

Branches under it to facilitate easy administration and also

to guide in decision        making.

  1. The National Presidents shall met with the World President to

deliberate on the happening of the Club at least twice in a year

at the World         headquarter or suitable place.

  1.   At the end of every four years the newly elected National

President shall meet at the World congress to conduct fresh

election among themselves for the post of the World President

and this shall be witnesses and chaired by the immediate past




Every country shall have Regional/ State branches & each region shall be headed by a Governor & shall have his Executive as Commissioners.


  1. It shall keep records of local branches.
  2. It shall keep records of local Branches registered and control the local Branches directly.



There shall be local Branches in every States/Regional level of the Club. The Local  Branch shall consist of at least fifteen Members and shall be headed by a Director General and shall have its Executives as Directors.

Provided always that the Regional/State branch shall have such power as expressly provided for by the World body & the National Branch over the local Branch.



There shall be the administrative arm of the Club whose duties is to see to the smooth running of the Club. They are the trustees of the Club. It shall consist of seven (7) different officers at the National, Regional/State & local Branches and they are as follows:

  1. National Level:- National President, Vice President, Head of Service

   & other Ministers for portfolio such as Social, Welfare, information,

Finance & Economic Planning and Special duties.                                                                                         ii. Regional/State Level: Governor, Regional/State Secretary &

Commissioner such as Social welfare, Information, Finance and

Special duties.

iii.Local Level:- Director General, Asst. Director General, Gen.

Secretary & Directors such as Special welfare, Information, Finance

and Special duties.



  1. President/Governor/Director General: He shall be directly

responsible for the organization of the Club at its level in all


  1. He shall preside over all Executive Council & General

Meeting of the Club.

  1. He shall be the Chief-Coordinate of the Club Executive &

his decision is the final.

iii. He shall sign the minute & other documents of the Club

once confirmed and approved by Members.

  1. He shall work in close association and consultation with

Secretary General & other Executives.

  1. He shall together with the Financial Secretary and

Treasurer operate the Club’s account in accordance with

the provision of the Constitution.

  1. In conjunction with the General Secretary, he shall

superintend the general administration of the Club

affairs & endeavor to secure strict observance of the

rules by all concerned.

vii.He may delegate his duty to the Vice President or any

Member of the Executive as circumstances demand it


  1. Vice President/Deputy Governor/Asst. Director Gen.
  2. He shall assist, cooperate with the presiding officer at

each level of every meeting

  1. He shall act as presiding officer in the absence of the

Presiding Officer.

iii. He shall perform other function or duties as might be

assigned to him by the presiding officer with the power

vested in it.


  1. Head of Service/Services/Secretary of State/Gen.Sec.
  2. He shall bear the major responsibilities for the entire

organization of the Club.

  1. Summon meetings at the instance of the presiding officer.

iii. He is responsible to prepare Agenda, Minutes, and keep

records of proceedings in the Club’s meetings.

  1. He shall keep Club files, individual membership files, Club

properties and he shall be responsible for all

correspondences of the Club.

  1. He shall head the administrative arms of the Club in

consultation with Presiding Officer.


  1. Minister/Commissioner/Director of Welfare (Social Welfare)
  2. He shall be in charge of social activities of the Club.
  3. He shall be in duty to take adequate care of all and sundry in

any social engagement.

iii. He shall arrange social activities of the Club such as Symposia,

Lectures, Conference, Dinner, Films, Sporting activities.

  1. Most importantly, he shall preside over any Social Committee,

he shall organize at end of each year “The Pace Setters

Week/Adonis Night”.

  1. He shall inform member with reasonable notice of any social

engagement within the Club & with the outside the Country.


  1. Minister/Commissioner/Director of Information
  2. He shall be the public relation officer of the Club
  3. He shall therefore propagate the personality of the Club,

handle all publicity in News media.

iii. Promote the image of the Club.

  1. He shall cooperate with other Executive arm of the Club.
  2. He shall perform other functions that might be assigned to

him from time to time.

  1. He shall be the Chairman of any publicity committee of the



  1. Minister/Commissioner/Director of Finance and Economic Planning
  2. He shall collect all subscriptions, made payment and keep

accurate records of such receipts and payments.

  1. He shall maintain books of Account that will be up to date

showing the financial position of the Club at all time.

iii. He shall serve as signatory to the Club’s Accounts.

  1. He shall prepare a comprehensive report of income and

expenditure of the Club at the end of each year for auditing.

  1. He shall furnish the Club its financial position in every three (3)

months and shall deposit all monies in his care to the bank

within a week of receipt to the appointed banker.


  1. Minister/Commissioner/Director for Special duties
  2. He shall have full access to the books of Account of the Club at

anytime & shall audit the books as directed

  1. He shall be responsible to scrutinizing & ensure that all

payments were made in accordance with the provision of the

Club and procedure in conformity with accounting code of


iii. He shall give report at the end of each accounting code of



  1. He shall serve as signatory to the Club’s account in the bank.
  2. He shall perform any other functions as may be assigned by the

presiding Officer of the Club.



It must have a limited number of five (5) but minimum will be specified by the General Meeting.

Such committee shall consist of:

  1. Disciplinary Committee
  2. Strategic & Planning Committee
  • Social Committee
  1. Electoral Committee
  2. Publication Committee

The committee shall consist of an Executive and other member as

appointed at the general assembly of the Club.

It shall see to the general running of the Club’s activities as specified,

authorized or delegated to it by the Club.

The committee decision shall not be valid unless a quorum is formed

and it is subjected to approval of the General Assembly.




It shall consist of non-Executive Member of the Club of at least three (3) members and at most five (5) members.


  1. it shall be the highest court of the Club and it is responsible to

implement disciplinary for any wanting Members either by way of

fine, suspension, expulsion or impeach anybody found guilty by the



  1. If a member of the committee is accused of any misconduct or

offence his Committee Membership ceased until the case is

adequately investigated & disposed off.


iii. The Executive Council has the power to review the punishment

imposed on any member found guilty.



It must have the Economic Planning Officer as Chairman and

Four (4) other outstanding members.

Simple majorities shall form its quorum.

It shall be empowered to plan for any Capital Project the Club

might embark upon and other duties assigned to it by the General




It shall have the Social Welfare Officer as the Chairman and other

Members as agreed upon at the General Meeting.

It shall plan for social activities, arrange sporting activities and

outside engagement in accordance with the Club’s rules and




This board is temporary in term and composition.

It shall consist of neutral members who are not contesting for any

elective office.

  1. It shall have nothing to do with the Executive.
  2. It shall conduct free and fair election after scrutinizing the

candidates if need be, no amount of power can influence their

decision making as a result of fair election.

iii. It shall conduct elections in line with the provision of the Club’s




This Committee shall be headed by the man in charge of information

and have two (2) other Members of the Club.

  1. It shall be responsible for the Club’s publication and shall

propagate the personality of the Club.

  1. It shall be an image maker of the Club and it shall work in liaison

with the Social Committee.



This is an Ad hoc Committee to be set up when circumstances

warrant it.

It is mainly to initiate new idea that will boast the social status of

the Community.

  1. It shall therefore consist of the Chairman and
  2. Three (3) Non – Executive Members and

iii. One (1) other Executive Member.




Any officer(s) of the Club shall if found guilty of engaging in

activities against the interest of the Club be impeached from his

office; provided in every case that such officer(s) have received

three (3) warnings for engaging in such activity or the like,

  1. He is absent from three (3) General Meetings without genuine

reason or notice

  1. Embezzles Club’s fund.

iii. Misappropriate of Club’s fund

  1. Illegal dealing that is against the objective of the Club.
  2. General negligence of duty or any offence that might dent the

image of the club with the outside world.


  2. When an Executive Member breaches any of the above

provisions, any member of the Club has the right to table a

motion for the removal of such officer(s) such motion shall be

supported by at least  majority after which shall be referred

to Disciplinary Committee.


  1. If the Disciplinary committee find him guilty he shall be

removed immediately & a fresh election shall be conducted in

accordance with the guidelines of article 17 of the Constitution



A person may cease to be a Member of this Club if:

  1. Convicted of any crime involving moral aptitude, dishonesty &

other malpractices offensive to the Club morality or interest.

  1. Embezzling the Club’s fund.

iii. Insane through no mean.

  1. Absent himself from Club Meeting for 5 consecutive time

without prior knowledge or notice.

  1. If untruth information is given in Membership form.
  2. If engage in illegal dealings that can tarnish the image of the

Club with the outside World.

vii. President late coming to meeting shall lead to dismissal after (3)


viii. Any act that can lead engaged undermine or retard the progress

of any member of the Club or the Club as a whole shall be liable

to be dismissed from the Club if found guilty.

  1. Any member that is found guilty of given false information

against Club member or the Club may be dismissed for


  1. Any member who proof stubborn to the Club rules and regulation.
  2. Any member owing the club a total above N25,000 comprising

     monthly due, Social due, Special levy, Penalties etc. will be      

     suspended and if the debt and its accruing subscriptions are

     not settled after 3 months the member will be expelled with or

     without letter to its registered telephone number or E-mail.






17 A: Condition for contesting an election:-

A Member shall be eligible to contest for any office for any

office in the Club provided he satisfy the following


  1. Must have spent at least 2 years in the Club and be debt


  1. Must have 80% attendance in all the Clubs Meeting and


iii. Each contestant shall have two sponsors of good integrity

and financially  active within the Club.



  1. Aspiring Member(s) shall make his intention(s) known in

writing/obtain a form to reach the Electoral Committee

Chairman before the election.

  1. Each contestant shall be given an allowance of five (5) minutes

to present his manifestoes to the entire Club Members

before voting commences.

iii. Election shall be democratic by secret voting.

  1. In a case where a candidate is not having any opponent he shall

be declared unanimously elected if he satisfy the condition of

Article 17 (A) i-iii

  1. To win an election candidate must have a simple majority of the

total vote cast.

  1. Where there is a tie, the Electoral Committee Members Shall

have the right to vote.



  1. The Committee shall be appointed by the General Meeting &

such committee shall choose its Chairman/Presiding officer in

   January of every Election Year.

  1. The Committee shall have the power to register or disqualify

any candidate contesting for any elective post if found guilty

of malpractice during or before the election.

iii. Conduct a free and fair election provided no proxy shall votes

in March of every Election Year.

  1. The Committee shall have power to make rules and regulations

to guide the conduct of the election which is a subject to

approval of the Club.

  1. It shall also decide the sum of money to be paid as non-

refundable fees by each candidate into the purse of the Club.

vi.The presiding Electoral Officer shall be empowered to

announce the result of election & declare the winner of the

     election for a term of two years.



To come up in April after the March election



  1. Funding: The Club shall be funded mainly from subscription,

fines, donations, grant, special levies, entrance fees, proceeds

of economic & social activities & from any other source as may

be decided upon from time to time.

  1. Members must pay his subscription & other levies

expected of his as at when due.

  1. The National Branch shall remit 20% of its subscription to

the Headquarters at the preceding year.

iii. All expenses/ expenditure of the Club shall be duly

approved by the Executive Council & shall be accounted for.

  1. The Club shall be responsible for the administration

expense incurred on behalf of the Club on the day running

of the Club.

  1. The Executive shall have the power to employ the Club fund

in such manner as may be necessary and expedient for the

purpose of attaining the objectives of the Club as defined

in the Constitution of the Club.

  1. The Club shall keep N5,000.00 of it found the treasure for

emergency purpose or urgent need.


  1. Signatories:- The Club shall have a bank account of its own at

any designated area with a reputable bank as may be

decided upon a General Meeting.

The signatories to the Club account shall be

  1. The President Presiding officer as the case may be

who will set E-mail for the bank officer.

  1. Other Officer(S) as specified in Article 14 Sec 3 & 8

of the Constitution.

iii. Article 14(3) should be getting the alert

  1. The signatories shall serve as trustees of the Club

and shall have the power to take action to recover any

money misappropriate or otherwise by any member of

the Club.

  1. Records: The Club shall keep the following records.
  2. A register which will compromises of names of all

Members, Matrons, Advisers etc. with their financial

committee of the Club.

  1. Two financial records in which an up to date records of

the Clubs finances would be kept & should be in custody

of the two trustee.

iii. The Club’s Bank statement of account which shall be

kept by the Treasurer

  1. A finite book, Membership files & Correspondence files

of the Club.


  1. Auditing
  2. Prior to each dissolution, an Auditor shall be appointed

(non-official) subject to nomination & ratification by the

General Meeting.

  1. His function & duty shall be to audit the Club’s Account &

submit findings to the generality of the Club on the

dissolution day.

iii. On appointment, his terms of reference shall be to audit the

Account & his condition shall be negotiable & approved by the

General Meeting.

  1. His appointment shall confer on him, such powers as to

examine all books of accounts that shows the financial

statements of the Club at a given time & shall terminate after

the submission of his findings.



  1. General Meeting: This shall be the highest decision making

body of the Club.

  1. It shall be once in a month that is first Sunday of

every Month unless otherwise changed by the

Elective council but not more than the second

Sunday of the month.

  1. Meetings shall commence at 2.00P.M at a venue to be

decided by the General Member with ⅓ as quorum

iii. Yoruba or English language shall be the Official

Languages of the Members at the Meetings.

  1. At any legal binding Meeting, a quorum is formed of ⅔

majority must be formed at any level of the Club &

once a quorum is formed, all decision taken shall be

binding on all members.

  1. The General Meeting shall have the power to debate,

pass, reject, and amend any proposal place before it

concerning the entire Members of the Club.

  1. Each Club Member present at any General Meeting has

the right to a vote except the President who has a

lasting vote when there is a tie.

vii. Members right shall include the right to make proposal,

amend, raise a motion, second a motion and make a

nomination at any general meeting.

viii. All motion including amendment shall have a proposal &

second a motion shall be debated upon until it’s

proposed and seconded.

  1. Decision shall be by simple majority vote.
  2. No member shall leave the meeting without the

permission of the presiding officer.

  1. No member shall conduct himself in a manner to cause a

breach of peace in the meeting e.g. Smoking, Drinking,

Sleeping, Side talking, Use of abusive language, Lack of

respect for the house, addressing the house without

permission & such other act not expressly provided for.

xii. Meeting shall always end with a motion for adjournment

which must be seconded.


  1. Emergency Meeting: This Executive shall have the power to convene

an emergency meeting on matters that need urgent

attention as situation may deem fit.


  1. Executive Meeting: This shall be periodic depending on the

           situation of things and in accordance with the Club’s




The Club shall encourage investment drive from Members for the

Growth of Members and the Club as a whole. In this regard,

Members shall contribute the sum of N1,000.00 minimum each as

an investment levy on monthly basis. This is subject to review

from time to time.



It is the aim of the Club to help members both economically &

financially, in this regard the Club shall grant any preceding

Member a soft loan of maximum N100,000.00 that would be

interest free & shall be repaid back within six (6) months from

    date of receipts.

Loan will attract interest at the rate of 5% per

month afterward to enhance prompt repayment.

  1. To enjoy Club Loan Member must have spent Two (2) years

in the Club.

  1. He must have a Guarantor for the loan.

iii.  Guarantor to be paying after six (6) months, maximum loan is


  1. The loan shall be granted to member to member that applies

for such & it shall be given to member who has paid up his

investment drive.

  1. The loan shall be double what the member has contributed for

the purse of the Club as investment.

  1. The Executive shall have the power to grant or dis-approve

such loan after considering the legality of the applicants.



It is mandatory that every Member of the club shall duely represent Club in any social outing.

  1. An invitation shall be forwarded by the concerned which

shall not be more than twice in a year one full and one non-


  1. On Personal outing for Members, each Club Member shall

         contribute N3,000 to the Club and the celebrant will get

N40,000 or the prevailing rate.

iii. On non-personal outing Member shall contribute N1,500 to

the Club and the celebrant will get N20,000.00

  1. At the end of every year, the Club shall organize its week

tagged “Pace Setter Week” during this week, every office

holder shall give account of his stewardship.

  1. The week shall be rounded up with “Adonis Night” which will be

held at venue to be decided upon by the General House in

April of the election year.



In any case of sudden death of a Member the following steps are

to be taken by the Club.

  1. To send delegate to the Deceased Residence to condole

his family & to send condolence message through the


  1. To send valuable gift to the deceased family.

iii. To release his entitlement & contribution to his Next of


  1. To fill the vacant post created by the deceased with any

qualified Member who show interest in the post in case of

an Executive Member.



  1. The Constitution shall be binding on the Members always

provided also that, it shall be subject to review at a Special

General Meeting called for that purpose at every Five years.

  1. the text of the proposed Amendment shall first be placed

before the Executive council by a Member and Supported by

two other Members, such members shall give adequate

explanation for their motion before amendment can be consider

iii.  The Amendment shall be voted for or against provided always

that at least majority shall vote for such Amendment.



In every case where doubts arises as to correct interpretation

of any of the clauses in this Constitution, the doubt shall be

referred to the Executive Council & where also the council fails

to resolve the doubt, Legal Advice shall be sought by the Council

on the interpretation.





              SCHEDULE ONE   –  OATH OF OFFICE

I…………………………………………………………….do solemnly declare that I shall do all that lay within my power as the elected…………………………………………Of our great Club “ADONIS INTERNATONAL”

To see the smooth running of this great Club & cooperate immensely to achieve the general goals.

To see to the upliftment of the image of our dear Members & Club in terms of socio-economical development.

And to be guided by the code of conduct, my dealings officially in my capacity as……………………………………………………..of our great Club.

So help me God (Amen)